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Hooded Sweater "Localize"

Hooded Sweater "Localize"

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100% organic cotton
Fair & sustainable production in Portugal
Inside extremely soft
Limited edition of 15 pieces per color

Ladies should take their size minus 2 (e.g. ladies M = unisex XS)

area of ​​application

You are a local and you express it with the “Localize” hoodie. You have decided - this is your place, your hood , your trail, your home base. That doesn't mean that you don't tolerate anyone else here, but you feel at home here , you know your way around here. You know the secret trails, the best spots , the coolest locations. If you are asked nicely, you will also share your knowledge with others. At the end of the day, you know it yourself - alone it's only half the fun!
Being a local is cool, but localism sucks – we all know that. Or would you like to get to know the best trails, bike parks, skate spots or nightclubs elsewhere? Even.

materials and features

The “Localize” Hooded Sweater has the essential features like 2 sleeves, a large inlet held in place by an elastic waistband and a smaller outlet for the head – with a fat hood! Of course, a hoodie should not be without a fanny pack either. So it absolutely fulfills its purpose . The sweater is roughened on the inside and is therefore extremely soft on the skin. You will hardly find more comfortable sweaters that offer you such a pleasant cuddle factor . A casual cut and long-lasting quality are out of the question. Should we perhaps mention this more often, we assume that you are aware of this.


Like all our clothes, the “Localize” sweater is manufactured fairly and sustainably in the EU , more precisely in Portugal . The fabric also comes from the EU, in this case also from Portugal , which gives us the advantage of short delivery routes . This not only saves us time, but also CO2 . It is important to us that our clothing is not only casual and has cool designs , but also that it is fair and sustainable , from the fabric to the final product.
Like all our products, the “Localize” hoodie is extremely limited . With this you get an exclusive product of the highest quality and make sure that you stand out from the crowd.
We are not only fair to our suppliers and nature, but also to our customers. That's why we're Trusted Shops certified - check our ratings and feel free to leave one!

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