Our materials:

That’s what’s in there. And that’s not intentionally

Be good: This is our motto for our MTB clothing. We believe that fair
and sustainably produced MTB clothing is possible. And that it is well
and even offer real pro performance. To make this work,
we rely on these “ingredients” and materials:

100% recycled polyester from PET bottles:

Keeps our seas clean: Local relies - where technically possible - completely on 100%
recycled polyester from old PET bottles. Thanks to special processing, the
The material is then very resilient and durable. For lots of fun on the

Organic cotton

Cozy, comfortable and completely without additives: Each MTB shirt is made from
sustainable and certified organic cotton. For maximum
Comfortable to wear and minimal footprint.

“Dead-stock” polyester from old stocks

Far too good for the trash: We give old stock a second life: As
high-quality MTB clothing. The highlight: No raw material has to be specially
In this way, we consciously save many resources and emissions.

PFAS-free equipment or PCFE-free membrane

No desire for harmful chemicals! That is why we have set out to
to banish all that stuff from mountain bike clothing! This ensures
healthy wearing feeling, good karma and a cleaner environment.

Merino wool

Does not smell, does not scratch and protects against cold and heat at the same time: Merino wool is
the Chuck Norris of natural fibers. And so that you can have even more fun while biking
Our MTB clothing is made from particularly high-quality, mulesing-free and fairly produced merino wool.