In order to ensure that our products are manufactured in a fair, sustainable and resource-saving manner, we also obtain our fabrics exclusively from manufacturers in the EU . All fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Short delivery routes from the fabric suppliers to our production facilities are therefore our standard. Depending on the product, we source our fabrics from Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy or Germany .

Wherever possible, we go a few steps further. With the exception of one model (which is being phased out), all of our mountain bike jerseys are made from a fabric that is 100% recycled from PET bottles . Our decision to use Sympatex as the membrane manufacturer is also based on the fact that they are the only membranes that can be recycled and are therefore completely PCTFE-free . So eco fashion has been part of our collection since day one.

More and more sustainable fabrics are also being used in streetwear . We have already used Tencel in the past and have been using 100% organic cotton for all new T-shirts and sweaters since 2020. We will continue to follow this trend and refine it even further.

However , it is not only the selection of the fabrics that is an essential part of our sustainability concept , but also the type of use . If the samples and residues usually end up in the garbage, we thought about how we could use them better. Since 2020 we have been producing cool, unique and strictly limited hip bags from all leftovers and samples of fabrics and labels, right here at our headquarters . In this way we reduce the final waste to an absolute minimum .