What is Local Outerwear

We - Local Outerwear - are a small, independent and family-run brand from the bike metropolis of Freiburg . The idea of ​​founding their own clothing label came to the owners Maike and Dominik Kronauer in 2010.

Maike is a trained dressmaker and has gained many years of experience in the textile industry. Most recently active for an upscale women's fashion label, Maike masters every step of the work from making the pattern to the last stitch and is the key person at Local Outerwear, who is responsible for the implementation of detailed solutions and quality control. In addition, Maike is the only Local Outerwear full-time employee who designs products, runs the web shop and does everything else that needs to be done at a company.
Nick is a graduate economist and works at Local Outerwear alongside his regular job whenever time permits. For creative balance, he also makes designs, but mainly takes care of the areas of controlling, sales and marketing in his free time.

Right from the start, Local Outerwear focused on fair and sustainable production within the EU with the aim of producing high-quality , functional bike wear that also reflects the spirit of the times. A year later, the first small bike collection came onto the market.

Today we are still a small, family-run and self-financed label and still enjoy the trails in and around Freiburg when time permits. We have also gradually expanded our portfolio and now have a decent range of bikewear, streetwear and accessories .

The local family – Maike & Nick