We handle our shipping exclusively with DHL and CO2 neutral . We only offer free shipping from a certain order value. Returns are also not free of shipping costs . Anyone who has ever seen a report about delivery companies and their subcontractors knows that all the supposed cost savings for the customer are achieved exclusively at the expense of the delivery person . Since sustainable and fair processing is also important to us here, we rely on DHL and ship all items with "go green".

For us, sustainability also means using cardboard boxes again whenever possible . So if you are a regular customer or an exchange is made, it is quite possible that you will receive a used box , as long as it is not damaged, of course. We also want to reduce waste and extend the useful life of packaging materials.

We also now use paper bags instead of plastic when packing the clothes themselves. It's a simple and effective step to make clothing packaging more sustainable . Plastic bags are a known environmental problem as they do not biodegrade and often end up in nature where they can harm wildlife. Paper bags, on the other hand, are biodegradable and can be recycled.