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T-Shirt "Statement"

T-Shirt "Statement"

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Unisex cut
use of residues
Fabric from Portugal
Sustainable and fair production in Portugal
Limited edition of 15 or 20 pieces at Popplin Blue & Mineral Beige
100% organic cotton
Ladies have to calculate their size minus 2, e.g.: ladies M = unisex XS

area of ​​application

Do you want to make a statement with your clothing and promote fair, sustainable clothing as the standard? But you don't like breast pockets? Then we have the “Statement” T-Shirt for you. Also in completely different colors.
With the slogan "Slow Fashion For Fast Riders" you say clearly that you are one of the fast gang, but that your clothes don't have to be sewn with a hot needle.
Wherever cool streetwear is popular, you are at home with the “Statement” shirt. In the club , the pump track , on the beach or wherever else you like to hang out.

Materials & Features

100% organic cotton - what more can we say about that? Oh yes, the models in poplin blue and mineral beige are leftover items that we have used up. Is it more sustainable? And the highlight - more Limited Edition is not possible.
The simple T-shirt is not only appealing because of its simplicity and the universal area of ​​application but also because of its sustainability and fairness . A straight, narrow cut with a comfortable fit makes the “Statement PP” shirt an absolute all-rounder when it comes to street wear and far from any fast fashion. Limited to 15 or 20 pieces for the models in poplin blue and mineral beige, these two variants are even more unique than our other products and, as always, you can stand out from the crowd with your style . In Fern Schwarz we decided to produce it as a series until 2023.
We guarantee clean and high- quality workmanship with this t-shirt, as with all our other items. Which features could this shirt still be missing? We can't think of any.


Both the shirt and the fabric were made in Portugal . Short distances, fair wages and decent working conditions. At Local Outerwear, we attach great importance to this from day one. By using remaining stock items, we can go one step further in terms of sustainability and resource conservation . And so that you don't look like a potato sack with such a fabric, we always come up with new and cool designs .

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