Collection: MTB Clothing

MTB clothing: Made for trails, bike parks and epic bike tours - and for you

Alpine tour, Northshore adventure in the bike park or the finest trail surfing? If
you're on the road, everything should fit. From MTB jerseys to MTB pants. Local
stands for unique mountain bike clothing with character, style and lots of good
Karma. We combine a timeless look with a lot of sustainability and a
truly fair production in the EU.

Fit you and your style: Local MTB clothing men and
MTB clothing women

Everyone looks the same? Not you! At least not if you have the mountain bike
Wear clothing from Local. Our MTB pants and mountain bike jerseys long sleeve
and short sleeves stand out. The reason: When designing our bike wear, we focus on
fresh colors and cool minimalism.
Why? Well, in a world where MTB Enduro clothing from other brands is often
more color than exotic parrots, our MTB outfits are conscious
Opposites. Instead of flashy, loud and freaky, we focus on cool understatement and
a story. Our goal: Fair MTB clothing that suits you and your style.
Need some inspiration? Here you can find your “Ready2Ride outfit”.

Why do we develop and produce special MTB clothing for
Ladies and gentlemen?

Designing sustainable mountain bike clothing is about more than just
Functionality and performance on the trail. It is also about using your
Mountain bike pants and your MTB shirt your style, character and values
to express. Sounds cheesy? Not at all! And we'll explain it to you.
Time to shine: We believe that individuality and self-expression are essential
for us. Everyone should - that is our understanding of cool mountain bike
Clothes - being able to wear what he or she likes. Because if you like it,
you ride more freely and automatically better. From MTB clothing for men to
MTB clothing for women: Local deliberately focuses on specially adapted
Cuts and designs.
The reason: When it comes to the fit and functionality of MTB clothing, we pay attention
the anatomy - and make no compromises here. Our bike pants and
Mountain bike shirts are cut to give you the optimal
offer freedom of movement and at the same time look very nice.

The development of our mountain bike clothing

No hasty decisions: We take our time with all products.
until everything really fits - and until the MTB clothing is also perfect for trail use
works. To make this work, we work with real bike professionals. Because only
This will ultimately result in a truly local product.
An example: The pockets of our mountain bike pants are deliberately designed
that you have your most important things like keys, smartphone or energy bars
particularly easy to store. And you can get to everything very easily.
Local loves the user experience: That is why the zippers, buttons and all
other features are so well thought out that you can reach them super easy and easily
you can use.

Cool MTB clothing: sustainability and cool style combined

The eye goes along with it. Well, at least it loves a cool look. After all,
nobody wants to use potato sacks. Our designers therefore work closely with drivers
and riders to ensure that our clothing not only
functional, but also stylish. From the trendy MTB jersey to the robust
Bike Pants – we want you to feel comfortable and confident on the trail
That is why we put as much work into the design as into the development
the cuts and the selection of our sustainable suppliers.

MTB jersey men short sleeve: Ready for summer rides

The days are getting longer and the thermometer has more to do: The Local MTB
Men's short-sleeved jerseys were specially designed for the hottest days of the year.
Airy, light and super comfortable to wear: you can ride any MTB
Shirt short sleeve, every MTB jersey men short sleeve and every MTB jersey women
both in the bike park and on your tours and local trails.

MTB long-sleeved jersey: Cool stuff for cool temperatures

Don't let the weather stop you. The Local MTB jerseys long sleeve men and
The MTB jerseys long sleeve women can be easily and comfortably worn over your bike
Shirts. The breathable material ensures an ideal
Moisture regulation. In addition, the long-sleeved MTB jerseys can give you additional
Provide protection while driving.

The right MTB outfit: Find what suits you

Whether MTB Enduro clothing or the right thing for the bike park: At Local
We do everything we can to help you make a well-considered choice for your MTB outfit.
From MTB jerseys to MTB pants for men and MTB pants
Ladies : We believe your MTB outfit should always match your style.

Protector suitable: The MTB pants from Local

Relaxed riding today and full speed ahead on the trails tomorrow? Then you should have your protectors with you. To make them easy and simple to wear, we have designed our mountain bike pants so that you can also wear them with knee protectors.
you can wear comfortably.

FAQ: Questions about our MTB clothing and MTB outfits

Frequently asked and always happy to answer: The most common questions and answers about
our MTB jerseys and MTB pants. In the “small” FAQ. PS: You can contact us at
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

Is the Local MTB clothing made as MTB Enduro clothing or in the bike park

In any case: The performance and durability of our MTB jerseys and MTB
Pants also impresses in Megavalanche or professional downhill
Race. They are designed for use under the toughest bike conditions
Whether you are shredding relaxed on flow trails or at the Wordcup
Blast through the tracks: Local MTB clothing is suitable for all “misdeeds”. So ride

Can I also ride cross-country or gravel with my Local road bike bib shorts?

You have all the freedom: With our road bike clothing we focus on the
“UNITY” thoughts. This means: Every Road bike jersey, every road bike shorts and every road bike jersey can of course also can be used for gravel or MTB riding.

Are the materials of your bike clothing really consistently sustainable?

Good news: They really are. All the fabrics in our bike clothing come
from certified recycled materials or sustainably purchased old stocks
(which would otherwise have been destroyed). We also use PFAS-free equipment
or PCFE-free membrane - and that consistently from MTB shirts to racing bikes

What should you wear on a mountain bike?

As a mountain biker, you should feel good on the trail.
Your MTB clothing should be breathable, quick-drying and comfortable.
In addition, your MTB pants and MTB jersey should be tear-resistant and durable.
Important: The material should transport moisture well to the outside. With MTB
Riding you will quickly start to sweat. Good news: The Local MTB clothing is
designed for perfect moisture transport. Your MTB jersey or MTB jersey
stays dry for even longer - without annoying heat build-up.

Why do mountain bikers wear baggy shorts?

The key word is the freedom of movement of your MTB pants. Many MTB bikers and
MTB bikers also love wide mountain bike pants because they are clearly
more comfortable with knee pads (protectors). Another advantage is the
Comfort of wide MTB shorts. Nevertheless, the width of the MTB shorts is always a
A question of personal taste. Important: MTB pants that are too wide can sometimes
also have disadvantages, as they can literally get in your way when biking.
Questions about the right MTB pants? We will help you find the right one. Write

What shoes should you wear for mountain biking?

Even if we “only” make MTB clothing: choosing the right shoe is
the trail is also very important. If you don't like clipless shoes and pedals
should use shoes with a grippy sole. Some skate shoes are
very practical. Even better: MTB shoes specially adapted to the flat pedals