Tobias Gallin

Tobias Gallin

Nickname: Tobi
Age: 44
Discipline: Enduro, Gravel

Favorite home spot/tour: Witten and Wuppertal

Favorite spot/tour in general: Madeira, Nauders/Reschen and the Enduro Line in the Bikepark Willingen

My first bike: Trek X Caliber 9

Burger or gala dinner: Burger (vegan;)), with fries and a Coke....

Passion outside of biking: Music, my band CLEARxCUT and touring with the bunch, photography

Why Local Outerwear?: Because of sustainability, quality and EU production

Favorite local product: MTB shorts “Flint”

Important information about me: My true passion is trees and tree protection! That's why I have the best job in the world, as a Bachelor Professional in Tree Care...;) When cycling, I've been working on my fear of steep sections and wooden elements for a while now, thanks to a fall almost two years ago... It takes time, but it's getting there!!!

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