Sven Heinitz

Sven Heinitz

Nickname: Sven / Heino
Age: 35 years
Discipline: MTB / Touring / Road

Favorite home spot/tour: Valle Maira - Gardetta in Piedmont, home tour, Valle Maira via Napoleonica, great views and a variety of technical challenges

Favorite spot/tour in general: Gardetta plateau Valle Maira

My first bike: first bike… I think a front, I don't know what brand, but I tried pretty much everything with it

Burger or gala dinner: Burger at the gala dinner

Passion outside of biking: besides the mountains, mountains and my PiemonteBox project ( ), promotion of small local producers. Be outside! That's why I turned my passion into a career as a cycling and hiking guide

Why Local Outerwear?: Great idea, great design and focus on sustainability and extremely well implemented

Favorite local product: on the bike -> “Logo” glove ; Away from the bike -> Zip Hooded Sweater "Leaf" almond

Important things about me: I landed in Piedmont 8 years ago and gradually built up my project and turned my passion into a career, with all the difficulties that one might encounter. For 2 years I have been working full-time as a cycling and hiking guide in my favorite valley, the Maira Valley, and in Piedmont in general. Fantastic spots and trails await you here. I have also opened my own small online shop where I sell local products from the valley and Piedmont and offer tours to the producers, which of course usually end with one or more samples.

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