Peter Uhrig

Peter Uhrig

Nickname: Peter
Age: 26
Discipline: MTB Enduro / Trail

Favorite home spot/tour: Bad Wildbad is fun for everyone

Favorite spot/tour in general: Every trail brings you forward ;)

My first bike: the Rocky Mountain Flatline Pro was my faithful companion when I entered the bike scene

Burger or gala dinner: a fat burger with crispy fries is always a good choice :D

Passion outside of biking: BMX keeps you fit when you have less time in the day. Spending time outdoors with friends

Why Local Outerwear?: Great concept with a lot of potential behind it and also good for the environment and partly produced in Germany, could it be any better? ;)

Favorite local product: Mtb Long Sleeve Jersey Classic, the T-shirts and the whole store :D

Important things about me: The only thing that counts is to go beyond your own limits and set small goals for yourself and then achieve them. It doesn't matter who you're with, even if some have more or less skills, it's always just about having fun and enjoying the time together on the trails or privately.

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