Bram Desimpelaere

Bram Desimpelaere

Nickname: Bram
Age: 20
Discipline: Enduro MTB, Gravel

Favorite home spot/tour: Remouchamps

Favorite spot/tour in general: Alpe d'heuz

My first bike: I have no idea, but I'm sure my first MTB was a Muddy Fox Colossus 600

Burger or gala dinner: Burger after the rides

Passion outside of biking: architecture, hiking, exploring

Why Local Outerwear?: Local Outerwear is a sustainable brand that is small and locally based. Therefore the quality of the products is simply amazing for the price. As an architect, the importance of sustainability is constantly instilled in me. Therefore, it is good to wear sustainable clothing and know that we are helping to reduce global warming. In addition, there is a great team behind the scenes and a very nice atmosphere between the ambassadors.

Favorite Local Product: I love them all, but I could wear the statement hoodie every day

Important things about me: Adult off the bike, small child on the bike ;P, really likes to ride fast

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