Andrés Clemente

Andres Clemente

Nickname: Andrés Sisó
Age: 33
Discipline: MTB & racing bike

Favorite homespot/tour: Ermita de Sant Quilis

Favorite spot/tour in general: Pyrinees of Huesca and Zona Zero

My first bike: BH Oregon

Burger or gala dinner: Gala dinner and if that's not enough, burgers at the end!

Passion outside of biking: mountain sports and activities in nature

Why Local Outerwear?: Because they have a sustainable philosophy and a simple but elegant design with good quality

Favorite Local Product: Hooded Sweater “Localize”

Important things about me: I love bikes and my bike life focuses on two different types. On the one hand, I take part in amateur competitions, so I have to train intensively day after day, and on the other hand, I like to discover places by bike, especially in nature, crossing valleys, going uphill and downhill on some singletracks.

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