Andreas Kromer

Andreas Kromer

Nickname: Andy
Age: Too young to talk about it 56 ;-)
Discipline: MTB / Trial / Roadbike

Favorite home spot/tour: Freiburg Trails to Schauinsland

Favorite spot/tour in general: La Palma (La Galga)

My first bike: folding bike

Burger or gala dinner: Burger

Passion outside of biking: winter sports

Why Local Outerwear?: Regional, functional, sustainable

Favorite Local Product: Local Short Base, Hoodies

Important things about me: Keep calm :-)

Andi is also a former bike trial world champion, as well as multiple German champion and runner-up. Since 2002, Andi has had his own MTB school for riding techniques where he can pass on his skills, tips and tricks to others and get people excited about mountain biking.

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