Alexander Kionka

Alexander Kionka

Nickname: Mayor
Age: 47
Discipline: MTB / Road

Favorite home spot/tour: Schienerberg, all trails around Lake Constance, Nauders and Brandnertal

Favorite spot/tour in general: Massa Marrittima and Nauders

My first bike: My first bike was a Mongoose and it was stolen straight away. Then I hopped around on a Stevens... and after my experiences with Giant and Alutech, I'm currently on a LAST Glen. So it's clear: after Alutech and LAST, I'm an Alu Raw lover

Burger or gala dinner: both, but with a bike!

Passion outside of biking: running and also with my dog, everything that has to do with water, recently even with frozen water again...

Why Local Outerwear?: sustainable, "...and just cool stuff!" The material is simply convincing…

Favorite local product: I really enjoy riding the MTB jerseys … even my first jersey is still in use….

Important things about me: ...have fun with your bike! What counts is having fun in the flow, everyone can get serious!

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