Alessa Heess

Alessa Heess

Nickname: Biciclessa
Age: 29 years
Discipline: MTB Enduro / Alpine Carry-your-bike Tours; Touring

Favorite home spot/tour: for a quick legal ride: Arzler Alm Trail, Götzener Abfahrt or Mutters Bike Park.

Favorite spot/tour in general: We ride as many unknown trails as possible.

My first bike: phewww…. First bike? I do not know anymore. The first fully was a Giant Trance 2.0.

Burger or gala dinner: gala dinner in a chic dress, high heels and lots of good wine.

Passion outside of biking: True passion is only cycling. Other interests: ski touring & other mountain sports, friends & family, creativity, helping others, reading, sustainability.

Why Local Outerwear?: Sustainable products from Germany and I love bears :)

Favorite Local Product: Wmn MTB Jersey “Forward”

Important things about me: All my bikes have a name: Grinta (Gravel/Touring), Rania Philomena (Enduro), Conny Strong (Enduro Hardtail) and Ferrehro (folding bike). A bit crazy - I rode my bike Ragand with a butterfly balloon from Bratsilava to Vienna. A bit clumsy – when it comes to getting all the gear together or walking on my feet. I am very lazy to repair my bikes. But they are absolutely fun to take a ride with. Rather impatient - when cycling, more of a follower than a teacher who wants to keep up. I'm excited to improve and learn my cycling skills. Constantly looking for the next bike trip or bike ride and dreaming about it.

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