The story behind …

What is Local Outerwear

We – Local Outerwear – are a small brand from the bike metropolis Freiburg . The idea of having an own clothing label was born back in 2010 when the owners Maike and Dominik Kronauer founded the company.

Maike is a professional tailor and has gained many years of experience in the textile industry. Most recently active for an upscale women’s fashion label, Maike masters every step from making the pattern to the last seam stitch and is the essential person at Local Outerwear, who is responsible for the implementation of detailed solutions and quality control. In addition, Maike is the only full-time Local Outerwear employee who designs products, operates the webshop and does everything else that has to be done in a company.
Nick is a graduate Economist and works at Local Outerwear in addition to his regular job, whenever time permits. To create a creative balance, he also makes designs, but mainly takes care of controlling, sales and marketing in his free time.

The focus at Local Outerwear was from the start a fair and sustainable production within the EU with the aim of producing high quality and functional bike wear which also corresponds to the spirit of time. A year later, the first, small bike collection came on the market.

Today we’re still a little family run and self-financed label and still enjoy the trails in and around Freiburg, if there is time. We also have our portfolio gradually expanded and now have a decent range of products of bikewear, streetwear and accessories .

The local family – Maike & Nick


Production in the EU:

From the beginning it was important to us to manufacture products that are functional, high-quality and also correspond our ideas of a sustainable and ethically correct production. Due to Maike’s experience in the textile industry and witnessing the massive collapse of small and medium-sized companies in Europe, due to the migration of labels to Asia, it was clear from the start that only a production within the EU was acceptablefor Local Outerwear. That is the reason why we only work with well-known producers in Europe. More precisely, our production sites are in Germany, Portugal and Italy . Thus, on the one hand, we can ensure that our ideas of fairer and more sustainable production is complied with and, on the other hand, we guarantee the shortest possible transport routes for our products.
Small series like our Merino base layers or up cycling products like our hip bags, are even produced in Headquarter in Freiburg, more localisn´t possible.



To ensure a fair, sustainable and resource-saving production of our products, we also source our fabrics exclusively from manufacturers from the EU . All fabrics are certified ÖkoTex 100. Short delivery routes from the fabric suppliers to our production facilities are therefore our standard. Our fabrics we draw from Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy or Germany depending on the product.

We also go a few steps further where possible. Except for one model (which is being phased out), all of our Mountain Bike jerseys are made of 100% recycled PET fabric made from bottles. Also our decision for Sympatex as a membrane manufacturer is due to the fact that it is the only recyclable membranes and therefore complete PCTFE free . Eco fashion has been part of our collection since day one.

Also in the area of Streetwear more and more sustainable fabrics are added. We have done so in the past by using Tencel and we are using 100% organic cottonfor all new t-shirts and sweaters since 2020. We will continue to follow this trend and refine it even further.

But not only the choice of fabrics is an essential part of our sustainability concept , but also the type of use . If normally the sample and residue quantities end up in the trash, we have thought about how we can use them better. Since 2020 we therefore use all the remnants and patterns of fabrics and labels to create cool, unique and strictly limited hip bags , directly in our headquarters . This way we reduce the final waste to an absolute minimum .



Our shipping is done exclusively by DHL and Co2 neutral . We only offer free shipping for orders above a certain value. Also the returns are not free of charge . Anyone who has ever seen a report about delivery companies and their subcontractors knows that all of the supposed cost savings for the customer are gained exclusively at the expense of the deliverer. Since also here we want a sustainable and fair settlement we trust DHL and send all items with “go green”.

For us, sustainability also means to reuse cardboard boxes if possible . So if you are a regular customer, or if an exchange is made, it may well be that you receive a used cardboard as long as this is not damaged, of course. With that we want to reduce waste and extend the life of packaging materials.