T-Shirt Dress “Airy”


  • Sustainable and fair production in Germany
  • Limited edition of 50 pieces
  • Cotton-elastane mix (97% cotton, 3% elastane)

Colours: Black

Delivery time: 2-5 days

Model is 172 cm tall and wears size S.




Area of application

You’re a lot on the Trail, but not only. Mud on the face you don’t mind, but natural or with rouge you feel good too. And then, when you don’t race through puddles or master difficult root passages, when you don’t wipe sweat from your forehead because the uphill torments you, then the time is right for being neither under- nor overdressed. And you can do that with the T-Shirt Dress “Airy” guaranteed. It will dress you well in almost any leisure situations apart from the sports. In the Club or at Dinner with friends, in the movie theater as well as on the b Beach . Casual cut with a slight waist you’ll surely always look good in this T-Shirt Dress. “Airy” you wear and “airy” you will feel. The t-shirt dress is both T-Shirt and Dress , sporty and elegant, casual and discreet. Diverse just like you.


Material & features

The “Airy” T-Shirt Dress consists of a very light and airy Cotton-elastane mix . This makes the T-shirt dress feel very comfortable and light. The elastane content ensures a optimal flexibility .
Minimally talled cut, the t-shirt dress always makes an optimal figure on you. A normal T-Shirt round collar and cuff ensure a mix of sportiness and elegance . The “Airy” is adorned by a very discreetlogo patch made of imitation of leather, which does not appear intrusive and therefore timeless. You won’t find any disturbing elements on the “Airy”. The t-shirt dress speaks for itself and always makes you look good without distracting from you as a person.



Especially proud When it comes to the “Airy” t-shirt dress, we mean that we make it with a cotton-elastane mix, which we use from a German fabric producers relate and thus of course under fair and sustainable conditions (controlled organic cultivation) will be produced. Not that our other fabrics aren’t also from fair and sustainable production, but since the T-Shirt Dress “Airy” is manufactured with us in Freiburg we really have the shortest possible transport route from materials supplier to the production site. We always try to take this point into account and have therefore decided not to purchase any material from Portugal, Spain or Italy from our other suppliers. For the production of the T-shirt dress itself, as said, it is also Made in Germany . Of the creation of the pattern up to the finished T-Shirt Dress everything is done in our little Atelier / Office. So a cool thing, the “Airy” .

Additional information


XS, S, M, L, XL

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