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MTB Jersey “Ride” SS


  • Sustainable and fair production in Portugal
  • Limited edition of 80 pieces
  • 100% recycled material with 35% ocean plastic

Colours: Black / Arrowwood

Model is 190cm and wears L.

Delivery time 2-5 days

Delivery time: 2-5 days



Area of application

Long uphills , crisp enduro trails , leasurely tours . Sure, you need a decent bike jersey for that. One that doesn´t stick on the skin and therefore cools you down . One that dries quickly so that you look just as good in the beer garden as you do on the root passage of the domestic trails on the doorstep. On all-rounder. Ok, our jersey can´t do everything, but it can do what it must be able to do. And that without unnecessary or questionable frills.


Material & features

Recycled ocean plastic and recycled PET bottles. Yes, that’s exactly what you wear with the “Ride” MTB jersey. But don’t worry, they won’t collect you straight away and put you in the nearest deposit machine. For this you look too good with this eco bike shirt and not like plastic garbage at all. The polyester fabric made of special yarn is extreme fast drying and is extremely comfortable on the skin. Slightly structured inside preventes the fabric sticking on the skin. The sweat is quickly spread over a wide area and evaporates even more quickly . The high wearing comfort however means that the fabric is a bit more sensitive. Velcro fasteners or thorns can cause a slight peeling effect, but this does not have a negative effect on functionality. Generally the cut a little narrower but not shorter. So if you have experience in the length of our short sleeve jerseys, you shouldn’t experience any surprises.



Produced in Portugal , fabric from Spain . Short distances, fair wages and decent working conditions. We at Local Outerwear put a great value from day one towards these topics. With this fabric we can even go further on recycling and support cleansing the seas too. And so that you don’t look like a garbage bag with such a material, we keep coming up with new and cool designs.


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