“Elementary” Sock


  • 54% cotton / 28% polyester / 18% elastane
  • Special sole of the foot (air circulates over the whole foot)
  • Soft edge
  • Ankle reinforcement
  • Achilles tendon protection
  • Flex zones for optimal freedom of movement
  • Cotton (with antibacterial properties)
  • Soft seam
  • systematic reduction of the sweaty foot
  • perfect fit on every foot

Colour: Blue / Red

Delivery time: 2-5 days



Area of application

The “Elementary” sock is so far the most functional stocking in our selection. This stocking is really meant for strenuous endurance sports. It doesn’t matter whether you are turning lap after lap in the bike park, or take your bike over the Alps – this stocking offers you the best performance and stability . Yes, the “Elementary” stocking also masters longer walks with ease and supports your sole of the foot , yours Achilles tendon and your ankle . A perfect all-rounder – suitable for any sport that you trust yourself to do.


Material & features

The special material composition made of cotton, polyester and elastane gives the stocking a unique comfort and unites it with an optimal performance. The “Elementary” is extremely comfortable to wear, very light and incredibly elastic . Simultaneously supports the stocking sensitive areas like that Achilles tendon and the ankle . Flex zones provide the greatest possible freedom of movement. The antibacterial finished cotton ensures that the stocking does not smell and the polyester content ensures that it dries quickly and thus avoids sweaty feet. The ventilation of the foot is also supported by the special sole conduction.



All of our stockings and socks come from Germany . The yarns that are used for stocking production also come from Germany. With respect tofairness and sustainability our socks and stockings are real a class of its own . Short transport routes, fair and sustainable working conditions and occupational safety at the highest level.

Additional information

Shoe size

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