Hip Bag “Emblem”


  • Sustainable and fair production in Germany
  • Limited edition as long as there is fabric
  • 96% cotton, 4% elastane

Colours : Black

Delivery time 5-10 days



Area of application

The Hip Bag , or as the saying goes, the bum bag, certainly has an infinite area of application . Actually, there is no limit to the imagination. The “Emblem” hip bag definitely offers enough space for many things that you probably carry around with you every day. So why bulge your pockets? Put everything in the hip bag and hang it on yourself.
It really doesn’t matter whether you are on the trail with the bike , or just in the city for shopping or in a coffee shop to have a drink with your friends.


Material & features

It comes with a casuallittle woven label . Made out of a very elastic and pleasant denim it fits perfectly your urban style . Durable like jeans and absolutely high quality processed . An additional zipper on the back of the Hip Bag offers another small pocket.
For those who don’t want to wear the “emblem” around their waist, we have an extra long strap to hang the hip bag across the upper body.



Fabric from Spain , the hip bag is one of a kind with respect to fairness and sustainability. It is made from fabric samples which we have not used otherwise and which are not sufficient for any series products. Production of the hip bag, like our merino shirts, is here in our Headquarter in Freiburg . We treat our manageress, who personally sews the hip bags, really well and bring her something to eat and drink from time to time.

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