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Wmn Road Cycling Bib "NDRNZ"

Wmn Road Cycling Bib "NDRNZ"

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Narrow cut, optimized for female ergonomics (model 165cm, wears “S”)
77% recycled PES / 23% elastane
Fabric from Italy
Sustainable and fair production in Italy
Rubberized leg ends inside
Laser cut leg ends
High performance padding for up to 8 hours of use
processed with recycled polyester
adapted to female ergonomics

Model is 165 cm and wears S

area of ​​application

The road is home to the NDRNZ Road Cycling Bib Shorts . How should it be, it is part of the NDRNZ Jersey.
Steep climbs, rapid descents, all of this is a trifle for the NDRNZ Bibs, because thanks to the selected padding you can stay in the saddle for up to 8 hours. It doesn't matter whether you are in the Alps or in the Taunus , on the North Sea dike or on Mallorca . As long as the NDRNZ is pushed to the limit, it is in its element. Serpentines, alpine passes , endless avenues - you'll already know where you like to drive the most. And honestly - you can also ride Gravel or Mountain Bike with it if you enjoy it. Are you still missing the right jersey ? Get it to complete the combo!

Materials & Features

Recycled polyester and elastane - yes, you heard me right. We don't skimp on our first road bike wear and pay attention to sustainability wherever possible. That is why we are particularly proud to have finally found fabrics for this area of ​​application after a long time that are made entirely or partially from recycled materials . It was important to us that the fabrics have high functionality on the one hand, but also the necessary elasticity to score points with absolute top performance in the racing bike sector. The NDRNZ Road Cycling Bib Shorts are made from a mix of 77% recycled polyester and 23% elastane.
When it comes to upholstery, too, sustainability is top priority alongside functionality, which is the top priority. That's why we use a padding that is surrounded by recycled polyester. The pad also ensures that although shocks are well cushioned, moisture is not absorbed and the pad therefore stays dry.
Laser-cut leg ends prevent uncomfortable pressure points on the thighs and also look elegant. The ends are also slightly rubberized on the inside to prevent them from slipping over long periods of use.
Sits, fits and definitely has no air. The cut parts are optimally adapted to the ergonomics of women in order to guarantee an optimal fit. We deliberately did without straps to enable easy handling.


Both the NDRNZ Bib Shorts and the fabric are made in Italy . The country has a long tradition in road cycling and our production has decades of know-how.
Short distances, fair wages and decent working conditions. At Local Outerwear, we attach great importance to this from day one. And so that you don't look like a potato sack with such a fabric, we always come up with new and cool designs .

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