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  • Customisable
  • Merino wool & recycled polyester mix 50%/50%
  • Sustainably manufactured in Germany
  • Limited edition of 30 pieces per color

  • area of ​​application

    Hopefully you're not asking yourself that question , are you? Where will you wear beanies anyway? Well everywhere of course! You don't let anyone tell you when to decorate your head with a stylish beanie .
    So we could rattle off a yard long list of reasons where and why to wear a beanie , but we'll skip that. We think it's enough to just say whenever you enjoy it or your ears are about to freeze.

    The highlight of the Monte Beanie, however, is, as with all beanies this season: YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE THEM!!!!
    We customize your Monte Beanie here on site with various woven labels or patches. You choose your beanie fare and your accessory. Why should we always make the difficult decisions ?

    Materials & Features

    The Monte Beanie comes with a 50%/50% fabric mix consisting of merino wool and recycled polyester . Cool looks, warm ears and covering of the more or less existing hair can be mentioned as features. The Beanie Monte can definitely do a lot more, just try it out. For a beanie, however, we think it can definitely do the essentials.


    The Beanie Monte is made in Germany , so we probably don't need to say much more in terms of fair and sustainable production . We also hope you treat your beanie fairly and don't blame it for things it can't do anything about.
    We are not only fair to our suppliers and nature, but also to our customers. That's why we're Trusted Shops certified - check our ratings and feel free to leave one!

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