Johanna Dallner

Johanna Dallner

Nickname: Johanna / Hammy (caffeine sometimes brings out my inner squirrel)
Age: 27
Discipline: road bike, triathlon

Favorite home spot/tour: Koblenz has great routes along the Rhine and Moselle rivers to offer. But what I like best is the ups and downs of the vineyards and the adjacent mountains.

Favorite spot/tour in general: Via hidden country roads to Eltz Castle

My first bike: My first sporty bike was the Grizzl from Canyon

Burger or gala dinner: Burger

Passion outside of biking: Sport in all facets: group fitness (also as a trainer), running, swimming and triathlon

Why Local Outerwear?: To be honest, I fell in love with the bear logo and the clothing is simply ideal for long bike tours or intensive spinning sessions. The sustainability in addition to the philosophy is also a plus point for Local Outerwear

Favorite local product: The unisex road bike kit in green and black

Important things about me: I find standing still terrible. I prefer to be in motion. I don't necessarily need competitions, I like to take on small challenges with myself.

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