Hip bags from Freiburg

sustainability has always been an important part of Local Outerwear

but where do you start and where do you stop? Difficult topic, especially for small brands like us.
After 10 years that we now exist as a brand lots of scraps of fabric and accessories that we can no longer include in any collection due to the small quantities have summed up. Now what to do with all that stuff? Throw it away? It can’t be. So we decided to make a product that we can do in any small number, here with us at the headquarters in Freiburg. As long as a certain fabric or a patch or a woven label is available.
That means – from now on (or available from next Friday, No.20, 2020) Local Outerwear hip bags Made in Freiburg will be available.
In the first step there will be 3 color options, black, dark green and navy blue . All 3 colors are available with 2 different patches, the classic Local Outerwear logo and the “Diamond” logo.