About Local Outerwear

When you hear Black Forest, you think of cuckoo clocks, Kirschwasser schnapps and succulent gateaux. Local Outerwear turns the clichés upside down. Local Outerwear is bike wear from the wild south of the country. Made by locals for locals all over the world. Loud, colorful and functional. Made with absolutely no cream.


The idea to make Local Outerwear was developed on the breath taking trails in the southern Black Forrest – our local hotspots. Whether it was the picture-postcard idyll of the Black Forrest which inspired us? Can’t say! However, the urge to make our own bike wear became stronger and stronger. Almost overwhelming. The dream was to create a collection which would meet all our expectations with regard to design, quality and functionality. A product range which would inspire you to ride. It should be colourful and fun – in line with our motto “colour up the woods, parks and trails of this world!” We made our dream come true: Local Outerwear.

Why Local Outerwear? The name represents our love for our home, our dedication to our local hotspots. For us, Local is not merely a word – Local is our philosophy. We design, develop and test our products in the Black Forest – with locals of course. We exclusively produce our products in Europe. Hence our motto: “Be local, wear local – in the woods, parks and trails of this world.” Our symbol: A bear. It rules the forests powerfully, proudly and mostly peacefully. That’s fitting! The origin? A discussion on the resettlement of brown bears in the Black Forest – a great April Fool’s joke. We are all for it!