About Local Outerwear

We – Local Outerwear – are still a small brand from the bike capital Freiburg. The idea of building up an own bikewear brand came to mind to our owners Maike and Dominik Kronauer back in 2010. One year later the first small bikewear collection was on the market. Today we are still a small brand with a team of only three people enjoying the trails around Freiburg and have widen our range of clothes to streetwear for skateboarding and bmx riding.

The Local Family – Maike, Andi & Nick

Right from the beginning it was important to us to produce products that are functional, of high quality and furthermore comply with our vision of a sustainable and ethically correct production. This is the reason why we produce only at corresponding manufacturing sites within the European Union. More precisely our manufacturers are in Germany, Portugal and Italy. This way we can assure our expectations are met.

To guarantee a fair, sustainable and resource preserving production of our products we get also all our fabrics from suppliers within the European Union. Wherever we can go further we do. Almost all our bike jerseys are made of a fabric made of 100% recycled PET bottles. Also our decision to use Sympatex as our supplier for membranes is coming from the fact that these are the only recyclable membranesPCTFE-free to be clear. Eco fashion is already part of our collection since the very first day.

New Concept 2018

Sustainability does not refer only to the production process or the product itself but also to the strategy of distribution. New collections each year cause that products are considered “old” after a short seasonal period although they still satisfy by 100% what they are meant for – work and look good.! Isn´t it more sustainable if a product life cycle is more than just a season?

That is why we have decided to step out of this circle and stop bringing a new collection to the market each year.  That does not mean that there will not come new Local Outerwear products. There will for sure be new products. But our decision will depend on what is still available in stock of the current products. Furthermore we will limit all products to a maximum amount of 300 pieces. Until now no product was made more than 300 pieces so far but from now on this will be part of our brand strategy. Exclusivity and being different are not compatible with mainstream and mass production as we think.

Local Outerwear was different, is different and will maintain different also in future. And there is more to come with respect to sustainability so let us surprise you. We will keep you updated.